Fall has arrived

Welcome to the November/December GLT’s 1st Newsletter!

We have a new group of Grant Leadership Team members for November & December.  This is their first Shamrock News edition.  Since we meet on Wednesdays about every other week, not every GLT member was able to write an article for this edition.  We’ll get those students that missed the first deadline in on the December issue for sure.  We are planning a project to support COTS for the month of December.  Be on the look-out for posters and an announcement at an up-coming BEST Assembly.  Thank you GLT!

Many Thanks!

So many thank you’s it’s difficult to include them all.  Thank you to Mrs. Crysdale for coordinating Race to Nowhere with McNear’s library coordinator.  It was a well-attended, thought-provoking evening here at Grant.  Thank you to Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Iribarne for chairing our cookie dough and gift-wrap sales.  They were a huge success!  Our Thanksgiving Break is a perfect time to thank your friends, co-workers, family and loved-ones for all their help, support, guidance and kindess.

Needed: Brown paper bags with handles

If you have any spare shopping bags (with handles), they are needed for our upcoming Christmas Gift Shoppe chaired by Mrs. Shoemaker.  You can bring gently used brown paper bags with handles to the office.  Thank you.

Favorite Thanksgiving Foods by Lulabel & Katie

We took a survey of everybody’s favorite Thanksgiving food.  Here are the statistics we collected:

1st—Turkey 26%

2nd – Sweet Potatoes 19%

3rd – Pie 17%

4th – Mashed Potatoes 16%

5th – Stuffing 7%

6th – Cranberries 5%

7th – Apple Cider 4%

8th – Yams/None 2% each

9th –Turkey Skin 1% 

A Message from our PTA Board

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, the PTA Board wanted to express its heartfelt thanks and appreciation for everyone’s generous support. Grant’s PTA raises almost $100,000.00 each year, and we use that money for things like classroom supplies, office supplies, field trips and technology. You can see your generous support each and every day at Grant.

We also want to share our philosophy about fundraising. In order to reach our ambitious goal, we need to work towards that goal all year long. It can seem a bit overwhelming, and for that we apologize, but it is necessary. We understand that many of our fundraisers will not appeal to everyone. Consequently, we try to provide as many choices as we can for families. This way they can participate in those that work best for them and pass on the others.

Please know, we have no expectations that families participate in every fundraiser, or even the majority of them. We just want you to have choices.

We are very lucky at Grant to have such an active, responsive, supportive and generous community.

With an abundance of gratitude, we wish you the best for this holiday season.

Grant’s PTA Board

Mrs. Cohen’s Class went to the Petaluma Museum by Jason & Isabell

Mrs.Cohen’s class went to the Pirate Museum.We made our own pirate flags and went on a treasure hunt in the museum and got a gold debloom. We saw what the pirates used to sink other ships in the ocean.  We saw a dragon pistol.  We got to learn how they dock the pirate ships.Everything was old and rusty. We got to hear a book and it was about  one boy who escaped from home and went on a ship. We think other classes should go to the pirate exhibit.

A Safety Reminder

One of our neighbors alerted me to some unsafe habits at the back of our campus (where E. Sunnyslope becomes Sunnyslope Court).  There are two blind turns and uncontrolled intersections (no stop signs or lights).  Students are crossing the street unsafely.  He’s witnessed a few near misses and decided to share his concern with me this week.  Please help our students be safe when crossing the street.  ALWAYS use the crosswalk when one is nearby.  We have an amazing group of crossing guard volunteers out every morning on Grant Avenue to help students stay safe and keep traffic moving.  Please use the crosswalk.  And if you’re dropping off at the back of school, drive and park within the law, help our students cross safely and drive slowly.  Thank you.  Our students’ safety is #1.

The Jog-a-thon by Dillon, Savannah & Katie

At the Jog-a-thon, we are trying to raise a lot of money.  We will get to run on the new track. Which ever class runs the most laps will get a trophy. The trophy looks like a green shoe. It  has a wooden plank behind it. Mrs.Crysdale will enter everybodys’ name in a prize drawing and if you win, your family will get to pick between an ipod touch or a bike. Every grade runs at a different time. At the end of the Jog-o thon there is water.The people who are watching you mark your arm to see how many laps you ran.You run for twenty minutes.We wish you luck!

The Kindergarten Trip to the Firehouse by Melissa & Juliana

On November 3rd the kindergarteners went on an exciting fieldtrip to thePetaluma Fire Station. While there, they had the opportunity to see the firehouse kitchen, an ambulance, and fire trucks. The firemen talked to them about what to do in case of a fire such as stop, drop, and roll, and stay calm. They also got talked to about smoke alarms and their importance. We interviewed some of the kindergarteners and here are some things they said.  Gianna liked watching them slide down the pole.  Eva liked watching them put on their equipment.  Alexis and Amanda liked seeing Mr. Vollmer sliding down the pole.  Cole liked walking through the firetruck.  And they learned when there’s an emergency in your house to go out to a family meeting spot and call 911.  They also said that the walk there as very long, tiring and hot. 

Girls on the Run by Paris

The Girls on the Run 5k is on December 3rd and  lots of people (moms and dads and friends) are going to run with us.  On Tuesday, November 15th we practiced for our 5k.  I did well.  Girls on the Run is very fun.  I would recommend it to other girls.  And you can make friends lot of friends.  My coach is Stacie (Sunshine’s mom).  Girls on the run is so much fun!

4th Grade Hiked at Helen Putnam Park by Alyssa & Karina

On Nov.16th  both 4th grade student classes  went to Helen Putnam Park. We went on a hike  with a docent  named Kalen and we saw a potato bug ,deer and a lizard . We were in 4 groups  each with a docent. Kalen  taught us about rattlesnake grass when snakes hear predators they take ratlesnake grass in there tails and  use it to keep predators away. Kalen told us about rocks and minerals and how their  formed. Did you know  minerals where used for cell phones?We hiked by forests and learned  the poison ivy rhyme leaves of three let them be. We also learned that there are also plants that look like poison ivy their called blackberry bushes and their leaves are furry the rhmye is if it is hairy it is only a fairy.  When we stopped to eat,. Kalen showed us a homemade volcano in  the dirt. The ingredients are baking soda and vinegar. Next we walked down a hill to a little pond and Kalen gave us workbook. And we worked for a few minutes then we finished the hike by passing by Mrs. Cohen’s bench and finished our hike. Thanks for reading!

A Book Review by Ian & Kendra

One book that Ian just read recently is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It was really good! I recommend this book a lot because it had so much action! I would give it five stars. It was a very long book (about 800 pages!). I bet anybody could read it, but it took me a long time to finally finish. Like I said, I highly recommend this book to all ages! Another good book is The Strange Case of Origami Yoda. I just recently read this book and it was funny and awesome! I also recommend this book to all ages and I also give it five stars! I think anybody would really like it!

A Message from the City of Petaluma

The public sever main on Mountain View from Petaluma Boulevard toPurrington Road will be replaced starting in December 2011 and finishing inMay 2012 (weather permitting).  Construction is scheduled from 8:30am to 5:30pm.  Traffic may be subject to delays and lane closures.

174 PTA Members at Grant School–Thank you for supporting our students, teachers and our entire learning community!  Membership forms are available in the office.

Upcoming Dates

  • Book Fair–November 29th to December 6th (multi use room)
  • Grandparent Night at the Book Fair–Wednesday, November 30th
  • Book Fair & Pasta Feed–Friday, December 2nd Have you bought your tickets?
  • School Site Council–Tuesday, December 6th 3:15pm in Room C1
  • Performing Arts Auditions–Tuesday, December 13th after school (multi use room)–extra registration forms available in the office
  • Jog-a-thon–Friday, December 9th
  • Holiday Gift Shoppe–December 14th to 16th in the library
  • Winter Break–December 23rd to January 6th

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