Winter is Upon us and All is Well at Grant School

What’s everyone doing over winter break? by Dillon & Paris

We interviewed some students to find out what everyone is doing over the break.  Lots of kids will be visiting relatives like Dillon and Lulabel.  Others will be staying home, like Isabell and Jason.   Mrs. Haugen plans to read a lot of books over break.  And Mrs. Crysdale is looking forward to relaxing with family and friends.  What are you doing over the break? 

A Safety Update & A Thank You from Mrs. Haugen

Thank you for driving safely and helping our students cross at the crosswalk before and after school.  Our morning crossing guard patrol has noticed a safer, less hectic environment at the front of school.  Our #1 priority is student safety.  The yellow curb is for drop off and pick up–no parking.  And, of course, red curbs and driveways are never areas for parking.  We try to be good neighbors here on slender Grant Avenue.

After-school Enrichment Starts in January

Parents, don’t forget to sign up for After School Enrichment classes!  After School Enrichment Winter Session 3 starts the week of January 9th and will run for 6 weeks!  On the agenda, are the following classes:

MONDAY, Jan. 9th:   Cartoon Class – Library, Musical Magic – Multi; TUESDAY, Jan. 10th:  French – Library, Move Over Mozart – Multi; WEDNESDAY, Jan. 11th:  Spanish – Library; THURSDAY, Jan. 12th: Chess – Library, Kids Cooking – Multi

If you haven’t signed up yet, you may do so on the first day of class, or contact the program instructors: Cartoon Class – Pete Mcdonnel,, Musical Magic – Susanna Praetzel,, French – Julia Fornage,, Spanish – Alejandra Wilkerson,, Chess – Jolie Cook,, Kids Cooking – Cyrelle McDonald,

Jog-a-thon 2011 by Katie & Lulabel

The Jog-A-Thon took place on December 9th 2011. It was a great success and raised a lot of money for Grant School. The Jog-A- Thon is an annual event where students collect pledges and run laps to raise money. The students get 20 minutes to run as many laps as they can. We are still collecting pledges to turn them into the teachers. Janice won the raffle for the Jog-A-Thon. Mrs. Reynolds’ class won the upper grade prize for the most average laps, and Mrs. Cohen/Mrs. Bauman’s class won the lower grade prize for the most average laps. Both of the classes get a trophy to keep in their room for the rest of the year. Overall, the Jog-A-Thon was a great success! 

The Winter Music Share by Melissa & Lulabel

On December 20th 2011 the fifth and sixth graders had a winter music concert. The band played many Christmas songs as did the chorus. A lot of people came to the performance and the performers had lots of fun! The chorus put on a great singing and dancing routine. The whole show was about an hour long. The beginning and intermediate band played many songs including; Jingle Bells, Santa’s Sleigh ride and Rolling Along. The advanced band played Ode to Joy, Jingle Bell Rock, Siberian Sleigh ride, Kum Bah Yah, Sakura Sakura and a few more. The chorus sang Old Man Winter, Jammin’ in our Jammies, Po La Ie (The Hawaiian version of Silent Night.), the Frosty Hand Jive, and many more great songs. The concert was a great success, and a lot of fun!

The Book Fair by Alyssa & Karina

Everbody is reading new and fun books, thanks  to the book fair.  Thanks Mrs.Cyrsdale!  You have done a wonderful job! We hope you can do it every year.  There was great posters,supplies,and great books.  Also teacher’s classrooms got new books too.  It was a great fundraiser too!  Hope it happens again!

Ms. Reynolds’ Play by Juliana & Melissa

Ms. Reynold’s 6th grade recently put on a wonderful play on December 21. They performed the play twice for each half of the school and are performing again at 7:00 pm on Wednesday evening. The show is about a couple of Moose buddies who are learning about the Winter Holidays with some help from their forest friends. The show was a hit with all the classes and the cast had a great time doing it too. The whole performance is about 30-45 minutes long. Thank you to Ms. Reynolds, her class, and everyone that helped for putting such a wonderful production together!

5th Grade Visit to Shulz Museum and Ice Rink by Garrett & Ian

This week, the fifth graders took a field trip to theCharles Schultz Museum. We had lots of fun and we learned all about Charles Schultz’s life and how he drew the Peanuts characters. We drew our own Peanuts characters and went inside his museum. In the museum, there was a wall of 3800 comic strips of the Peanuts. Outside, there was a hologram of Charlie Brown and Snoopy playing Ice Hockey and there was a big Charlie Brown sweatshirt. After we had lots of fun at the museum, we went ice skating. Even though we fell a lot, we still had fun!  

What You Need to Know About Head Lice

Head lice are insects that live in people’s hair.  Lice glue their eggs (nits) to hair.  Lice dies quickly (2 days) without a human host.  Nits take 6-9 days to hatch plus 7 or more for new lice to begin laying eggs.  Are you scratching your head yet?

The good news is that we have had very few cases of live head lice this fall (3 to be exact).  Our families are very diligent to check regularly, treat immediately and follow up with thorough combing using a nit comb (metal, not plastic, with very long teeth). 

A trained group of staff here in the office checked every student this week.  As follow-up, please continue to check your children regularly.  And know that it can take days of combing to be completely nit free.  If you are not sure what to look for or have any questions, Michelle & Shantina in the office can help.

The Holiday Gift Shoppe by Isabell & Jason

Mrs. Shoemaker and her mom

The Holiday Gift Shoppe was a success!  Mrs. Shoemaker was in charge.  She filled the library with lots of toys and gifts.  Students brought money and a list for family and friends.The gifts cost 1 to 3 dollars.  The library looked very cheerful and happy.  There were candy canes hanging from the ceiling. We hope they are going to do it again next year!!  

Art Docent Lesson in Mrs. Groh’s 5th Grade by Kendra

The fifth grade in Mrs. Groh’s room did an art lesson on December 21, 2011. We made Picasso-inspired self-portraits. We used pastels and large black paper. Our art docent was Mrs. Sunshine.  It was really fun.  It took about an hour to do the project. She taught a lot about  Picasso.

GLT’s December Service Project by Mrs. Haugen & Ms. Bender

We are so proud of our campus-wide dual service project this month–toiletries and cards to our military and jackets, gloves, scarves and toiletries for COTS.  We’ve filled two boxes at least 3 times each with goodies for both groups.  Thank you to the parents who helped out with collecting and delivering.  It feels so good to share with others during the holiday season.

Teachers in the Shamrock News

Ms. Baumann & Mrs. Reed are enjoying the holiday anticipation with a variety of crafts in their kindergarten.  Rudolphs and santas made from our youngest students hands and feet will be treasured pieces for years to come.  In science, students are learning about the lifecycle of a tree through our FOSS curriculum.  There’s never a dull moment in A2 with Ms. Baumann & Mrs. Reed!

At the other end of the campus is Ms. Bender’s sixth grade.  Poinsetta art welcomes you at the door.  And artifact investigation is underway in social studies.  Our student-archaeologists are using evidence to determine whether artifacts prove that Sumer was a civilization or just a small, developing village.  Ms. Bender skillfully guides them through the list of characteristics of a civilization and students apply each characteristic to a found object, or artifact, from history.  Well done sixth grade!

Before School Guidelines

If you arrive at school before 7:55, please wait by the office.  From 7:55 to 8:05am there is a teacher on duty on the blacktop only.  Students should not be on the par course, play structure or field before school.  It is too large an area for one person to supervise, and student safety is our #1 priority.

Secret Santa Amongst the Staff at Grant School by Katie & Juliana

The teachers and staff are doing a secret Santa . . . SHHHHHHH! We interviewed Mrs.  ???? and she told us some very interesting notes. “Secret Santa is when the staff and teachers get together and exchange gifts secretly. So the person that we have for Secret Santa won’t see us, we have other staff members deliver our presents.”  Mrs.?? ?  Said that the way you can get into this super Secret Santa group is you go to the office and fill out a sheet of what you like, favorite colors, and other things you may like. Then after everyone who wants to do the Secret Santa signs up, you pick a name out of a basket. The name of the person that you got is the person you give a few gifts to. Although this is a very fun activity you never are forced to do it. The dates that this happening is from December 12 to December 22, 2011. They will tell who there secret Santa is very soon!

Upcoming Dates to Know:

  • No School: December 23 to January 8–see you back at school on January 9, 2012
  • School Site Council Meeting: Tuesday, January 10, 3pm in Room C1
  • PTA Association Meeting: Thursday, January 12, 6:30pm in the library
  • Performing Arts Rehearsals begin Friday, January 20, 2:45pm in the multi
  • Adopt-a-Book begins on Monday, January 23rd.
  • Kindergarten Registration begins on Monday, January 23rd

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