Happy New Year–It’s 2012!

Welcome Back & Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a restful, happy holiday break.  My family and I certainly enjoyed the beautiful weather and time with one another as well as with extended family. 

We’re at the midpoint of the school year.  It’s a time to review systems and procedures for school success–Are you reading every night?  Is homework done in a quiet, focused environment?  Does the backpack need to be cleaned out?  Are all sweatshirt tags labeled?  All these little check-ins help smooth the path for a successful second half of the school year.

6th Grade Walker Creek Fundraiser

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, our sixth graders are selling See’s Candy.  You can find a 6th grader to buy from or come on campus after school.  They’ve got a table set up in the amphitheater.  Help our 6th graders fund their Walker Creek Outdoor Ed trip in March and give a gift for Valentine’s Day!

The 100th Day of School!

Mrs. Garvey’s 1st grade celebrated the 100th day of school on Monday, January 30th with 100 item collages.  The students did a parade with their 1st grade peers in other classes to share these amazing collages. 

Likewise in Ms. Megna & Mrs. Franklin’s 1st grade, unique 100th day sticker charts were created.  Ten rows of 10 stickers equals 100!  Ms. Megna was also helping her students write a class story about toys in the past, present and future.  They brainstormed ideas about toys in the past, wrote about the toys they have now and made predictions about possible toys for the future.  Mrs. Haugen is looking forward to reading the finished story.


Junior Achievement Day at Grant School

I am so excited to host this exciting day of learning for our entire campus.  On Friday, February 24th a trained JA volunteer will deliver five grade-appropriate lessons to each of our classrooms.  You might consider volunteering for this special day.  Our Junior Achievement representative will train you and provide all the materials necessary for a successful experience.  If you are interested or have questions about the program you can contact Mrs. Haugen or Scott Loveless, a Grant School parent and member of Junior Achievement .

Some information from their website: Junior Achievement is the world’s largest organization dedicated to educating students about workforce readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy through experiential, hands-on programs. JA’s unique approach allows volunteers from the community to deliver our curriculum while sharing their experiences with students.  JA’s mission is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.  To read more, go to www.ja.org

The Spelling Bee

Our 4th, 5th and 6th grade class representatives participated in the school spelling bee on Thursday, January 26th in the multi-use room.  Twelve students took turns spelling and our resulting winners are Whittaker and Lulabel, both in 6th grade.  Our alternate is Camille.  Our two winners will head to the South County Regional Spelling Bee held at Corona Creek Elementary School on Wednesday, February 22nd at 4:30.  Thank you to Mrs. Groh & Mrs. Ihrig who served as judges, and Ms. Reynolds who organizes and MC’s the Bee.

Thomas Jefferson Biography, A Book Review by Joey

I think lots of kids should read this book. It is about Thomas Jefferson as a kid and him growing up. This would be a great book for 3rd-6th grade. There may be some hard words so I would not recommend this for 2nd and lower. This would be a great book to take home.  With 5 stars possible I would rate this book **** 4 stars.  It’s in our school library.

Kindergarten Enrollment

Kindergarten enrollment for the 2012-2013 school year began on Monday, January 23rd.  If you know anyone with a soon-to-be kindergartener in the Grant School neighborhood, please direct them to our office to pick up registration materials and speak with our staff about next steps.  Enrollment in kindergarten is open to children who turn five by November 1, 2012.

New for next school year, Petaluma City Schools is offering Kinder-Prep to give our youngest five-year olds a bridge between preschool and kindergarten.   Registration for Kinder-Prep is open to children who turn five by December 31, 2012.  Children whose fifth birthday fall between September 2 and November 1, 2012 have top priority for Kinder-Prep.  It will be housed at McKinley Elementary School with child care services available at the site.

Any questions about kindergarten enrollment or Kinder-Prep can be directed to our office, 778-4742.  Mrs. Woelfel or Mrs. Willits would be happy to answer any questions you have.

Haiku Poems from the Young American Poetry Digest Contest

A tornado is

a very powerful storm

that can destroy things.


Trees and plants growing

I watch them take shape and form

Slowly the plants grow


The storm brings strong rain

The rivers and lakes are full

The sun will shine soon

Thank you Mrs. Ihrig’s class.

Coffee & Conversation with the Principal

You are invited to come and chat with Mrs. Haugen.  Bring your morning coffee or tea and any questions, ideas, concerns or appreciations to share.  It’s an opportunity to get to know our new principal and other parents, add your voice to our community and share in the growth and development of our school. 

Friday, February 3, 2012 from 7:55 to 8:30am in the Grant School Library

4th Graders are Learning to Play Recorders

The 4th graders have started recorders. All of them are extremely excited. They are having an amazing time playing around their houses, waking everyone up. They have only learned one song but they still are very into it. No 4th graders are experts at playing, but they all can keep a rhythm. Every 4th grader has a recorder although not all of them like it right now, but by the end of the year they will all like it.

4th Graders Visited the Exploratorium by Brandon

It was really a blast .  We got to see a lot of cool stuff.  The stuff that we got to see was a lot of hi-tech stuff.  Every single bit of it we thought was cool.  The teachers were Denise Reyes and Kathryn O’Neil.  All we had to do was walk around look at stuff and answer questions.  Many students liked the magnetic shavings table and others really liked the cow eye dissection.

GLT’s Winter Food Drive by Nicolette & Payton

The GLT is hosting a canned food drive.  All the food that is collected will be donated to the Petaluma Kitchen.  When you donate food to the Petaluma Kitchen you are providing a family in need with food. If you are interested all you have to do is give the non-perishable food to your teacher and she/he will put it outside of your classroom. That day a GLT member will pick it up. On January 30th the barrel already full and ready for pick up.  How many times can we fill the barrel by Valentine’s Day?

Chinese New Year  Feast by Will & Nathan

We celebrated Chinese New Year with a feast.  There was a lot of good food for children to eat.  There was Rice, Chicken, Fortune cookies, sauce and Pot stickers.  I think everyone had a good time.  It was in the multi purpose room.  First we got food then we ate.  Later we drew then it was time to go.  It was on Monday for four buddy classes: Mrs. RC, Mrs. Cohen, Mrs. Casey and Mrs. Ihrig.

Recess Update by Mac

From my personal perspective I think that the most popular game going around is soccer. Kids started playing about a couple of weeks ago, ever since then the game has been flourishing. It’s the 6th graders that play it the most. Then there is Cops and Robbers. Most of the 4th grade boys have been playing. I haven’t interviewed any of the players, but I think the both games have been very fair, safe, and responsable.

Movie Night by Elizabeth & Shayla

Have you ever seen Kung Fu Panda 2? Well, PTA is hosting a movie night on Friday, February 3rd. The movie is Kung Fu Panda 2. It’s mostly for family and friends. It’s in the multi purpose room. Bring your sleeping bag, pillows and stuffed animals!!! It’s a great time to bring family together! It’s just like being at the movie theatre, but it’s free!!! There are goodies to the right of the stage. There is popcorn outside of the multi purpose room. The goodies are for purchase. The doors open at 6:00, but this awesome movie starts at 6:30. The admission is free! Bring family and family to this movie of a lot of action and kung fu.  And all kids need to have an adult with them for the movie.

Elks Essay Contest by Emma & Jillian

In November Ms. Reynolds’s  and Ms. Bender’s sixth grade classes entered an essay contest on Why I am Proud to Pledge Allegiance to the Flag. After months of anticipation, we finally found out who the winners were. Out of 150 sixth graders from local schools who entered, and the six prizes that were distributed, Grant Elementary got third place boy and girl prizes. Congratulations Melissa and Aidan!!!!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Coffee & Conversation with the Principal, Friday, February 2nd at 7:55am in the library
  • Movie Night: Friday, February 2nd at 6pm
  • School Site Council: Tuesday, February 7th at 3:00 in C1
  • Adopt-a-Book  is happening now through February 13th

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