February–Full of Activities!

Junior Achievement Day at Grant School by Logan & Will

GLT helped volunteer in classes on Junior Achievemnet Day.  2nd grade learned about jobs and money and city workers. Kindergarden heard a story then put stickers on top of the dirt so that it looked like a real farm.  After lunch GLT passed out ice cream to the class they helped. After that the GLT helpers went back to their class. 

Junior Achievement was brought to our school by the Petaluma Rotary, Clover Stornetta and of course, Junior Achievement (a 99 year old international organization).  Thank you to all our JA volunteers!  And seeing Clo the Cow on campus was a lot of fun too.

5th Grade State Reports by Nicolette & Payton

For the last month or so the fifth grade classes have been working very very very hard on creating beutiful state reports. When we first started our state reports we were all asigned a state.Throughout the month we have studied all there is to know about our states, from our states birds to the state nickname. All reports were due on Friday, March 2nd.

PJHS 6th Grade Assessment by Jillian & Oriah

Monday, February 27, 2012, was the day all the GrantSchool6th graders took the 7th grade placement tests. The placement tests decide whether or not your child will be in a regular, advanced, or algebra 1 classes. Also the tests decided if your child will be in regular or advanced language arts class. Most parts were easy but other parts were harder. The entire test took almost three hours!

Changes in 4th Grade by Sam

4th Grade changed how they turn their cards to monitor class behavior.  Cards used to be green, yellow and red.  If you did something disruptive or weren’t following directions you flipped your card to yellow.  Yellow meant a warning.   Red meant you took a note home to your parents.

 Now red is you miss free pe on Friday.  Yellow is still a warning.  And we have a new blue card which means a note home or a time out in the office.

 Mrs. Reyes and Mrs. O’Niell decided to use the same system of 4 cards.  Now if the class is good, we all get BEST tickets instead of marbles in a jar.  I like this new system.  I think kids understand why their card gets flipped.  And they try not to do it again.

Lost & Found–come claim your jackets! by Elizabeth & Shayla

GrantSchool’s lost & found is hug! Soon enough if you don’t come pick up your clothes, they get donated. We have so many clothes in there, there is clothes hanging on hangers, and a massive pile on the ground. Theres a bin under the hangers that’s so so full, that it is overflowing, that there is clothes on the ground because there is not enough room.So if  have a T-shirt or pants or whatever, and you lost it at school, I would recommend that you look in our lost &  found bin in the Multi Purpose room.

Thank you!!!

Box Tops for Education

Please continue to send in your box tops.  This is an easy way to support our school.  Cheerios, Juicy juice, Chex mix, Yoplait yogurt, Green Giant vegi’s, and many more products have clip-able box top tags that you can collect and bring to school.  There is a drawer in the PTA caddy in the office where box tops can be left.  Here’s the link to all products that support Box Tops for Education.  Thank you!

GLT’s Winter Food Drive by Lucie

GrantSchoolhas filled the food drive bucket 3 times!  All of the food goes to thepetalumafood kitchen.  They will be so happy when they get the food.  Thank you everyone who donated you made a great difference!

Read Across America by Brandon

Dr.Seuss’s B-Day is on Friday, March 2nd.  All the classes are going to Read Across America in the morning.  We’re also going to make paper chains for each Dr. Seuss book we read.  The GLT will come and collect the chains right before lunch.  Then we are going to take the chains to the multi and hang them up for everyone to see.  It should be a fun day for everyone! 

Dogs on Campus by Mrs. Haugen

We would prefer that you leave your well-loved canines at home for drop-off and pick-up at school.  Some children are not comfortable with dogs.  Often times dogs aren’t friendly toward other dogs.  Thank you.

Club Lucky by Mrs. Haugen

Just taking an opportunity to thank our amazing volunteer team who organized this year’s auction.  It’s being held Saturday, March 3rd at Hermann’s Hall with the theme Club Lucky.  This group has worked tirelessly for the past two months organizing, planning and collecting.  Each year this event is such a treat for our parent community and a huge support of our entire student body.

And another thank you is owed to all those who have donated their time, skills, products or services to the auction.  Silent auction items, live auction items, set-up, clean-up, decorations, fliers, selling tickets, etc.  Thank you one and all for your contributions to our largest annual fundraiser.  It’s going to be a great night!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Report Cards go home: Friday, March 3rd
  • School Site Council: Tuesday, March 6th 3:00pm Room C1
  • 4th Grade Writing Test: Tuesday, March 6th
  • Spring Break: Monday, March 19 to Friday, March 23rd
  • 6th Grade to Walker Creek: Monday, March 26 to Friday, March 30th

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