The Final 3rd of the Year…

April is National Poetry Month!

by Mrs. Haugen

I shared with students at our April 2nd BEST Assembly that April is National Poetry Month, and I invited students to submit their original poems to be read at the BEST Assembly or published in the newsletter.  Wow!  What a response!  I’ve got poetry coming out of my ears, and it is amazing.  Because of the huge response and creativity of our students, I’ll be putting all the poetry together in a book to be housed in Mrs. Crysdale’s library. 

Here are a few for you to enjoy:

Titanic Poem

Crash! Bang! Boom!

Glass shattering

People running

Piercing screams of help fill the air

All I can hear is words of “iceberg, “hit,” and “sinking”

Icy water pouring on the floor

The ship starts lurching

“We’re going down,” someone shouts

 I hang onto the ship’s rail

People are climbing into lifeboats

My feet seem to be glued to the floor

The captain yells, “Get in the lifeboat!”

I can’t move

The lifeboats are reeled into the ocean

The boat is sinking

I jump into the freezing water

My body turns numb

My head bobs to the top

I see the boat half underwater

With the words TITANIC written across it 

By Ava, 5th grade

Sam Brannan

Brannan was our first millionaire,

His yelling “gold” made people stare.

He bought some tools,

Not including stools,

Then miners started to yell “where?”

by Brandon, 4th grade

My Spring Time

Flowers bloom

Squirrels come

Hummingbirds come

Rain falls

Park with my babysitter




Cozy home

by Bella, 1st grade

Spring Earth Science Week!

by Ms. Megna & Mrs. Haugen

We are excited to invite all parents to participate in Spring Earth Science Week at Grant School.  During the week of April 30th classes will be getting outside to garden, hearing guest speakers, doing earth and life science experiments , going on outdoor field trips and much more.  Inspired by the movie, Race to Nowhere; we are having a Race to Nature!  Each classroom will be participating in various ways.  If you have a skill, project or time to give to our students, please contact your student’s teacher or Ms. Megna directly.  We’ll be kicking off Spring Earth Science Week at our April 30th BEST Assembly and hearing student representatives report out at the May 7th BEST Assembly.  Join us if you can! 

5th Grade Grantburg by Dax & Miranda

Our fifth grader’s Grantsburg was a success! Everyone stayed in character. The costumes made the fifth graders look like they gone back to the 18th century and turned into slaves, slaves owners, trades people, and housewives. The outfits had a lot of detail slaves had patches in their cloths, gentry women had long dresses and skirts, some men wore red coats and had brown canes. The fifth graders cloths only had the colors that colonial people would wear for example indigo, brown, and white. The costumes looked very real!

The fifth graders also did a wonderful job on their dances! They acted like people from colonial times by staying serious. Anyone who watched could tell that the fifth graders put time and energy into practicing the dance. The girls and boys stayed together. They did not rush the songs beat. The fifth graders did fantastic on the dance!

The Apothecary Shop

At Grantburg there were several different trades. One of them was the carpenter’s shop which was the one I was at. The carpenters made every thing from cabinets to violins. They were very skilled at carving wood into perfect shapes. The gun smith, of course created guns. They were almost like the carpenters making pieces of wood into perfect shapes. Blacksmiths are the people to come to if you needed metal melted into another shape. They would make everything from swords to shovels. The apothecary had medicines from A to Z. They ground different herbs together to make different medicines. The print maker printed every thing. They printed all the newspapers with a huge press.  The cooper made barrels. They would hold everything from rum, to water, to wine.  The inns were like old hotels. They made food and had rooms to book.  These were most of the jobs at colonial Grantburg.

Overall Grantburg was great. The kids in Grantburg, the teachers watching, the students coming, and the parents visiting all had a wonderful time. The fifth graders wowed everyone!!!

Beauty & the Beast is Coming by Julia & Sarah

Beauty and the Beast is a great performing arts play. All the cast members have their time to SHINE! Everybody is great at their part.  With our great stage crew’s help we have beautiful sets. The third graders love cupid’s costume. Lea designed it.  The play is happening in GrantSchool’s multi on Friday, April 20th and Saturday, April 21st.  Come and see us!

Goldrush! by Natalie

In this game there are teams and my team name is The Long Tom Lookers.  The people on my team are me, Joelle, Peter, and Lucas. The object of the game is to have more gold than the other teams. You get gold by answering questions correctly and mining. Mining is where you pull a card and read it; if you get a good card you get some gold. If you get a bad card, you can lose gold or miss a turn, or both. Also you have to make decisions within your group, like recently had to deal with a Chinese man that might have stolen gold from some miners. We had to pick a solution that seemed the best out of four, in our group we picked #1.Number one is where you hold the most fair trial within the camp and if he is proven guilty, he will be punished immediately, if not he will be set free. As you can see, this game is very fun but rough.

1st Annual Art Docent Art Show

You are invited to the 1st annual Art Docent Art Show! Enjoy colorful, innovative and inspiring artwork from elementary school students from the whole district. See what students from other schools and grade levels are doing and support this innovative program and art in our schools!
Where: McDowell Elementary School at 421 S. McDowell Blvd
When: Wednesday, April 25 6 p.m. -8 p.m.
Thank you to Alyse Breece, district art docent coordinator, for putting this new and exciting event together!

Tangrams–a Buddy Activity by Jeremy & Sophia

Mrs. Megna and Mrs. Reyes had buddies on Wednesday, April 4th They did a tangram activity where you make a shape and glue it to a piece of paper.

One pair made a Christmas tree out of triangles for leaves and the square as a stump. Another group made a bat, a turtle, and a rabbit though they only kept one.

Drop Off & Pick Up Reminders

by Mrs. Haugen

Please do not park or stop (for any length of time) in the red zones or crosswalk during drop off or pick up.  Student safety remains our #1 priority during these busy times on Grant Avenue.  Pulling up to the front position in the yellow drop off zone keeps the traffic flowing.  Our crossing guards and teachers focus on students and parents crossing the street, our drivers need to manage themselves, stay within the law, keep things moving and keep people safe.  Thank you!

School Site Council Survey

Thank you to all families that participated in our survey.  We had 102 responses and both School Site Council and staff are reviewing the results, looking for actionable items.  It is clear that our respondents value Grant School and have thoughtfully considered the areas needing more support and attention.  I look forward to making plans for next year and beyond based on this valuable feedback.

A Planetarium Visit for 3rd Grade by Nick & Matea

At the planetarium the third grade classes learned about space and stars.  Our class went on the field trip on March 29 at theSanta RosaJunior College.  We sat in big, comfy chairs and you looked up at the ceiling to see the show.  We learned that the world takes 365 days to go around the sun.  We learned that the moon goes around the Earth in about one month.  When the eclipse came, people in the olden days thought that a dragon was eating the sun.  We saw constellations—little bear, big bear (Ursa Major and Ursa Minor).  There was a warrior fighting a bull; his name is Orion and you can find him in the sky by the three stars that make his belt. 

Westside Relays by Serena 

Westside Relays kicked off on April 2, 2012! It looks like everyone has good team leadership and a positive attitude! So far, I saw lots of sixth grade boys that are good at long jump. A very strong area the fifth grade girls accomplished is the seventy meter dash. Also, fifth grade boys had lots of fun doing the discus. Besides all the training for the Westside relays, we had to make up a cheer to pump us up! Most of the fifth and sixth graders figured out their cheer and are happy about it. I bet this year’s fifth and sixth graders will win first place in everything just like last year!

Spring Music Concert

All 5th & 6th grade students and their families are invited to this night of sharing.  Our bands and chorus will perform in Grant’s multi-use room on Tuesday, May 1st.   We’ve made important change to this year’s concert to accommodate the number of audience members we’ve had in years past (out the door and beyond).  Our chorus students will perform at 6:30pm and should arrive at 6:10pm.  The band students will perform at 7:30pm and should arrive at 7:10pm.  This will allow families and students to transition in and out between performances and leave plenty of space for our audience for both performances.  See you then!

Our Sixth Graders Went to Walker Creek!

By Aidan, Trey, Kameron & Michelle

The sixth graders of Grant Elementary have many privileges and field trips, but perhaps the best is the week they spend at Walker Creek Ranch, and perhaps the best activity atWalkerCreekis the all day hike. When you meet

View from Walker Peak

your naturalist in the morning you prepare for the hike by taking either (in my trail groups case), a jar of trail mix, carrots, a water jug, and holding your home made sandwiches (Probably the best food at camp except for the pizza)!!! Then we head out on the hike doing the occasional challenge (see Kameron’s part) and eventually take one big stop where we do an activity in our science journal. After that prepare for a solo hike!

The solo hike might be the most fun part of the all day hike. You are separated from all the other kids as you enter a forest called the Enchanted Forest. This Forest is bejeweled with glittering water pools at the top of miniature waterfalls and decorated by ferns, moss and oak trees. You almost feel as if it were unreal, but in a dream I don’t think you’d find directions written on laminated circles or squares that are placed at every turn. When you finish the solo hike you might sit and eat lunch, or maybe just a snack, while gazing at the green canopy you just hiked under. You’ll definitely be patting yourself on the back for completing the solo hike.

Once everybody has arrived at the other side of the forest the journey continues, except it gets steeper. You are hiking along a hillside awestruck at how far you’ve climbed and how far you still have to climb, but you finally make it to the plateau right below the peak. You get into a single file line for the final ascent, trek your way up and finally run the last ten feet to the top of Walker Creek Ranch, the 1050 foot mountain you have just climbed, and you rush to the perimeter of the peak and stare at the beautiful view of the surrounding hills andTomalesBay. But not even this awesome hike is complete without a reward— you get a chocolate-chip cookie for your effort!!! When you finally start the descent you’ll probably talk about what 11-12 year old kids talk about, but your mind will be fixed on what you just accomplished. I have hiked many hikes, in fact as a junior docent at a preserve in Glen Ellen I help lead hikes, but this hike probably takes the number one spot. If you do the hike on Thursday, like my trail group did, you will be welcomed back by a great pizza dinner, and hopefully a shower! But the highlight of my Thursday, let alone my week at Walker Creek, was the all day hike, though the barn boogie was really fun too. If you’re not a sixth-grader yet, don’t worry, your day will come and you too will have a chance to enjoy Walker Creek.

During the days at Walker Creek Cabin Time was awesome. It was after you came back from a grueling hike around 4:00pm every one would be excited for Cabin time. You would either stay in your cabin or hang out or you could go play outside like recess. They had a game where nowhere in the world it was played, it was called Gaga Ball. It was played in an octangular pit filled with sand and the objective was to hit the ball at people knees and below and up too 30-40 kids can play. Cabin time was for the 6th graders to talk to the other school and so we learned how to be sociable. For you future 6th graders I hope you enjoy.

Ms. Bender takes the Polar Bear Challenge!

At camp for all six graders atGrantSchoolwe all went for one week (five school days). And one of the things atWalkerCreekyou do is Challenges. The Naturalists (the leaders of hikes) have challenges for everyone. One of them is the Polar Bear Challenge (you have to stick your head under the Turtle Pond water for 10 seconds). Ms. Bender did the Polar Bear Challenge!!  Next is the Hardcore Challenge. That is the one where you have to eat a whole apple except the stem. You can eat the stem (it’s optional), but you have to eat everything else. And that’s all for Walker Creek Challenges.

During your days at walker creek you get to go to the boogie barn where you have your barn boogie! First you have to be taught 3 dances Redwoods Dance, Sprouts Dance, and the Patty Cake Polka. Half the camp goes to barn boogie on Tuesday night and half goes on Wednesday. The night you don’t do the barn boogie you do the night hike. I hope your kids love camp as much as the rest of the 6th grade did!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Performing ArtsDress Rehearsal: Monday, April 16th 2:45-4pm, School Performance: Friday, April 20th 1pm, Family Performances: Friday, April 20th 6:30pm & Saturday, April 21st 4pm
  • Testing for Grades 2 through 6: Monday, April 16th through Friday, April 27th Check with teachers for specifics dates/times if needed.
  • Art Docent Art Show: Wednesday, April 25th at 6pm at McDowell Elementary School
  • Coffee & Conversation with the Principal: Friday, May 4th 7:55-8:30am in the library
  • PTA Association Meeting: Tuesday, May 8th at 6:30pm in the library

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