The Final Edition for 2011-2012*

*Needed to republish–I had jettisoned us to the end of next school year (2012-2013)… quite the typo.  New title is more in line with the actual school year.  Happy Summer!

The Last Week of School

What a great finish to the school year–sunny skies, smiling students and lots of learning to the end.  6th grade students are looking forward to junior high, kinders are looking to the big yard and a full day of school, and teachers are cleaning out their cupboards to start fresh after a restful summer break.  Thursday is Field Day–if you are able, please ask your student’s teacher how you can help.  And Friday is noon release… they’re all yours!  Happy Summer!  We’ll see you back here for the first day of school on Wednesday, August 22. 

Medication in the Office

Please come by the office to pick up any medication that might be stored here for your student.  This includes Epi-pens.  Thank you.

Construction on Grant Avenue

Starting soon the City of Petaluma is installing sidewalks along Grant Avenue, I Street and the McNear Avenue cul-de-sac behind our campus.  This is a part of the Cycle 8 Safe Routes to Schools Project.  Construction slated to start any day now and continue through August 14th Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm.  I look forward to complete sidewalks for our students and families around the campus and neighborhood. 

Retirements at Grant

Mr. Lightner

It is with equal measure of sadness and excitement that

Mrs. Cohen

we say good-bye to Mrs. Cohen and Mr. Lightner.  They both leave a legacy of teaching and learning behind as they head into retirement.  A combined sixty-two years in education, Mrs. Cohen and Mr. Lightner turn to hobbies, grand kids, bell-free schedules, and perhaps a sub job from time to time here at Grant.  We will miss them both dearly but join wholeheartedly in celebrating a rich career in education and best wishes for the future.

Welcome Back Ms. Hurd!

We are pleased to welcome back to Grant School’s teaching staff Ms. Catherine Hurd.  Catherine has spent the last two years on leave from Petaluma City School in The Gambia as a Peace Corps volunteer.  Catherine was a fifth grade teacher here a while back before moving to McKinley School and then to The Gambia.  We are excited to welcome her back and look forward to hearing about her Peace Corps adventures.

Just Arrived and Here to Stay!

Mrs. Garvey

Mrs. Garvey and Mrs. O’Niell joined our school from Miwok

Mrs. O’Niell

Valley Elementary for the 2011-2012 school year.  They fit right in from the start.  We are pleased to share that both Mrs. Garvey and Mrs. O’Niell will be maintaining their positions here at Grant School.  We are so lucky to have them.

A Different Sort of Farewell

Ms. Bender has been at Grant School for two years now (4th and 6th grades).  It has been a pleasure working with her and watching her take on the mantle of elementary school teacher which differs greatly from her background in high school.  An opportunity has arisen for Ms. Bender to return to her high school roots and support credit recovery for students needing an alternative program to stay on the path to graduation.  We will miss Ms. Bender so much and appreciate her professionalism, organization and love of teaching and learning.

Help Needed–The Track Patio

As you may or may not know, a major fundraiser for our Community Track Project was selling personalized bricks for a patio near the track.  We are finally ready to install that patio.  Scott Duiven, a parent at Grant and Senior Planner for the City of Petaluma, has offered to plan and participate in the patio build.  Join us Saturday, June 2nd and rsvp to Mrs. Haugen if you are able to help out.  It’s a laid brick patio requiring leveling, base layers, brick placement and a final sand spreading to secure the bricks.  We are planning to start at 8am.

2012-2013 Information

  • We will post class lists for the 2012-2013 school year on Tuesday, August 21st at 4pm in the windows of the library.
  • Our New Family Potluck will be Monday, August 20th in the amphitheater.
  • PTA hosts a Welcome Back Coffee for parents in the amphitheater on August 22nd.  Come and get involved with activities on campus, meet new families, and chat with friends.

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