Back to School Edition 2012-2013

Welcome back!

We are all so excited to be back in school.  School is an amazing to be–learning, laughing, meeting new friends and trying new games and activities.  At Grant School we all strive to be learners… keep those dendrites growing and connecting!

Triple P Positive Parenting Program

There is no hard-and-fast rule book for raising children but it’s surprising how many familiar parenting problems have very simple solutions. From toddler tantrums to fighting; even the struggle to set up a regular homework routine — the issues you face aren’t peculiar to your family. In fact, they’re commonplace. That’s why Triple P can help. Triple P is one of the few parenting programs in the world that’s based on all types of situations. Parents can choose from tip sheets, books, DVDs, seminars, courses or one-on-one sessions to arm themselves with the tools that can make parenting a little less ‘trial and error’.  And because Triple P works in the majority of cases, Triple P has the seal of approval of parents, practitioners and experts internationally. We look forward to helping you.

Free Parenting Seminars from Triple P:

September 10, 2012, 6-7:30pm at Valley Vista  ·The Power of Positive Parenting September 17, 2012, 6-7:30pm at Grant Elementary  · Raising Confident, Competent Children September 24, 2012, 6-7:30pm at McNear Elementary  ·Raising Resilient Children

Traffic and Parking–It’s All about Student Safety

The yellow zone on Grant Avenue is for ACTIVE loading and unloading only… this means you may not sit and wait for your student.  It is best to park and walk in or circle the block.  The goal is to keep the traffic moving and not back up on Grant Avenue creating a traffic hazard all the way to I Street.  Thank you for your help with loading and unloading.

Back to School Night Information

Kindergarten is holding Back to School Night on Tuesday, September 11th at 6:15pm in the multi use room.  Both classes will start their presentations together in the multi.

1st to 6th grade Back to School Night is Wednesday, September 12th.  1st, 2nd & 3rd grades meet in classrooms from 6:15 to 7:15pm.  At 7:15pm, join us in the multi to meet the Grant teachers and PTA Board.  Then at 7:30pm, 4th, 5th & 6th grades meet in classrooms for their Back to School Night presentations.

Art Docent Program

Do you love art? Do you like children? Combine the two in a wonderful volunteer opportunity. The Petaluma City School District Art Docent Program is looking for volunteers to teach art in classrooms from Kindergarten through Sixth Grade. Lessons explore art history, technique, and curriculum based art as well as exposing students to a variety of mediums. No art experience is necessary! We provide training and supplies. Volunteer time is flexible and training time is minimal. We meet once a month for trainings and additional
support is available. for more info please contact: Alyse Breece or 778-4958. We will be having an Orientation meeting for new docents on Tuesday, Sept. 13 @10:40 at McDowell Elementary School.

Registration Packets

Thank you for taking the time to fill out all this important paper work for your student.  Special attention should be taken with the Emergency Card (it’s yellow).  The names you list here are the ONLY adults your student will be released to in the event of an emergency.  Consider adults who live nearby–neighbors, friends, etc.  Also take a close look at the Network/Internet Acceptable Use Agreement.  On the back of that form is where you may consent to the school using your student’s photo and/or name in publications.  This is helpful when it comes to The Shamrock News or the Grant website.  It’s great to use student photos.  If you have not already done so, please return these forms to your student’s teacher ASAP.

Thinking Maps

We are embarking on a school-wide training this year on Thinking Maps.  There

A Circle Map to prepare for a fire drill

are 8 maps that rely on visual patterns that can be repeated in all subject areas thereby building familiarity and aptitude.   Visualizing our thinking allows us to have a concrete image of our abstract thoughts.  Visual representations enhance the brain’s natural ability to detect and construct meaningful patterns.  

Mrs. Reyes and Mrs. Kowta are our staff trainers.  They have shared the Circle Map, Bubble Map and Tree Map.  Be on the look-out for these maps in classrooms, in the halls and in the work your student brings home.


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