Our First GLT Edition for 2012-2013

Welcome to our First GLT Edition!

Mrs. Haugen (our principal) and Mrs. O’Niell (4th grade teacher/GLT Advisor)meet with GLT every 2-3 weeks on Wednesday at lunch.  We discuss campus recycling, BEST Assembly hosting and the newsletter.  The goal of the newsletter is to help parents know what’s going on on campus–events, activities in class, rules, field trip reporting, etc.  Mrs. Haugen asks GLT to think about something on campus that would be helpful for parents to know.  As you read this issue, you’ll see that our students are very rule-oriented.  There are concerns about students and parents.  It’s interesting to see where they see needs around communication.   We hope you enjoy our first GLT Edition of the year.

Thank you PTA & Teachers!

Thank you teachers!


The Ice Cream Social was a lot of fun!  Special thanks to Clover Stornetta and Brain Freeze for donations of ice cream and toppings.  PTA did the set-up, teachers did the scooping and students and families enjoyed the treat!  What a lovely way to start the year by enjoying some ice cream together. 

The Hole in the Blacktop by Anna

Currently there is a hole in the blacktop on the basketball court. Parents can you please tell your child not to pick at it. I have seen a hole in the track too. Luckily people are going to patch the hole up again. Thank you for your consideration. It is also not appropriate to ride bikes or scooters on the track.  It’s for running and walking.

Our New Projector and Screen by Mrs. Haugen

It has been such a treat to use our new projector and screen in the multi for our weekly BEST Assemblies.  I think the BEST Assembly is more interesting now that there are things to look at as well as listen to.  For example, Mrs. RC spoke about the kindergarten Shape Walk field trip to a backdrop of photos.  The kindergarteners collected things from natural along their walk that resembled the shapes they are learning.    I want to thank our PTA and PEF (Petaluma Education Foundation) for funding these two purchases.  I wrote a PEF grant last year for half of the project amount and our PTA matched the grant funds. 

The Grass and Cones by Andrew & Andrew

Now that fall is arriving, it is starting to get misty the grass is getting slippery and wet so you can fall and get hurt and it will ruin our field.  So please don’t go on our field when it is wet. Tell your children that there are cones at C-1 (Mrs. Reynolds class) at the back door for kids to use.

Graffiti at Grant By Ava & Bella

Don’t write graffiti on school property because it’s bad to do for the school.  If you want to do art, write on a piece of paper.  Do not write on  the school property.  Students and teachers think it’s very rude.  School property is not for drawing on.  Thank you for reading the Shamrock News.

Loading Zones and Bike Helmets by Josh

We’ve been seeing people parking at the loading zones.  As the traffic police says you can’t park there.  You can only pull up there if you see your child.  If you do park there you will get a warning then a TICKET.  Reminder, the loading zones are the yellow lines.  Please have your child wear a helmet when riding a bike.  Without a helmet you may get a TICKET.

More P.E. By Aurora and Chase

The school has put more money into extra P.E. time for the kids to be more fit.  Everyone has enjoyed the extra  P.E. time so they can enjoy recess with less arguing.  With the extra P.E. time with coach we’re learning new play ground games, how to pick teams fairly, and learn the real rules of games.  Most of all we’re having a lot of fun.  Coach is also out with us during lunch 2 days a week.  She is playing games with the upper and lower grade students.

Interviewing Mrs. Turner by Mac, Braeden, Sean

 Q: Is it different being just a parent to a teacher?

Braeden, Mrs. Turner, Mac & Sean

 A: Yes, I was still at school volunteering, but now I’m a staff member.

 Q: Would you rather be kindergarten instead of anything else?

 A: Kindergarten is my favorite!

 Q: iPods–pro or con?

 A: Pro–it is educational!

 Q: What is challenging about teaching kindergartners?

 A: Putting the tricycles in the shed without hitting my shins.

 Q: Are the kids having fun?

 A: Of course they’re having fun!  Learning is fun!

 Q: What is most exciting part of teaching?

A: When the students learn something new and are excited about it.

 Q: Were you nervous on the first day of school

 A: No.

 Q: What do you do in your free time?

 A: I like to read and spend time with my family.

 Q: What do you think Grant Elementary should know about you?       

 A:  I love being a part of Grant School.    

School Site Council Members Wanted

School Site Council is made of teachers, parents, support staff and the principal.  The Council assists in developing a school plan and subsequent budget to meet such plan.  The Council advises and collaborates with the Grant Staff to meet educational goals, provide staff development and make appropriate program expenditures.   It is through monthly School Site Council meetings and monthly staff meetings that agreements are reached.  If you would like to run for one of the three available School Site Council parent positions or have questions, please contact Mrs. Haugen (chaugen@petk12.org).   The SSC meets on the 1st Tuesday of the month from 3:15 to 4:30.

Parking by Ava S., Amelia & Whitney                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Parents  please don’t  park in people’s driveway’s, fire hydrants, red-zones and handicap areas. This blocks our neighbors, the firemen, and you could get a ticket! People that actually need the handicap space won’t be able to be close enough to walk. Thank you for reading the Shamrock News.

Third Grade Read Aloud by Anthony

My Father’s Dragon is a great book.  My teacher reads it to my class and I.  My class is doing a lot of studying on it.  In my opinion I am having a lot of fun studying My Father’s Dragon.  It is about a boy who finds a black alley cat on his street.  The cat can talk and tells the boy about adventures he’s had on different islands.  The boy decides to g to the island of Tangerina, and the stepping stones on the edge of the island lead to Wild Island.  And then all the animals on the island come after him, but the boy tricks them with things from his knapsack.  You should read this book if you’re in third grade and above.


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