January Brings Brisk Mornings

Cold & Flu Season By Mrs. Haugen & Nurse Evans

As I’m sure you’re all aware–the flu is upon us.  We had a record number of absences in January due to illness.  Please keep your child home if they have a fever and return to school when they’ve been 24 hours fever-free.  Uncontrollable coughing or extreme fatigue aren’t conducive to a quality learning experience–maybe consider one more day of rest at home.  Otherwise, students that return from an illness are encouraged to take it easy at recess, always cough into the crook of the elbow, and wash hands often.

Band members earn Giants tickets By GLT

Band has a yellow slip and they can, I repeat can, go to PJHS every Thursday for 8 weeks. We earn free Giants tickets. Only if you go for at least 6 weeks.  The band gets to play on the Giant’s field and play the National Anthem. The band teacher is going to give a weekly test for different songs. Get ready for those songs band mates. Make sure you bring your instrument, stand, music book, practice chart, and a pencil.

Buddy activities By Rhylee & Andrew

We can do many things with our buddy.  You can do free P.E. with your buddy and you can read books.  You can watch a movie and you can draw with your buddy.  That’s why we like buddies.

Problem of the Month By Mrs. Haugen

We are working on our second Problem of the Month as a school–Squirreling It Away.  On Friday, February 1st we’ll have a Gallery Walk in the multi use room where all the students’ beautiful math work will be on display.  Buddy classes are encouraged to visit the Gallery Walk together.   School-wide problems like this one encourage mathematical reasoning, precise language around mathematics and many approaches to problem solving.

Girls On The Run is Starting Soon !!!!!! By Abby and Sabrina

Coach Sarah and Stacy want you to sign up for GOTR. The forms are in the office.  Just ask Mrs. Woelfel.  Our assistant coaches are very nice and the same with our head coaches.  GOTR is a programthat  teaches girls how to feel good about yourself and others.  It will also teach girls how to deal with stuff such as bullies and how to avoid rumors that spread while training for a 5k as well.  After the 12 weeks of meetings for GOTR, we will run a 5k.

The Auction is Coming!  By Mrs. Haugen & PTA

I am so excited to share some information about our upcoming annual Grant School Auction.  This year’s Shamrock ‘n’ Roll will be Saturday, March 2nd at Herman Sons Hall.  Tickets will be available for purchase soon.  If you are a business owner or craftsperson, you might consider donating an item or a service to the silent or live auction.  This is a favorite event every year.  And this year’s committee has some changes and surprises in store to keep the Auction fresh and lively.  Mark your calendar!

Interview with Ms. Mason  By Will & Meggie

Q: How do you feel being a student teacher?

Ms. Mason’s answer: She loves it and learns lots

Q: What’s your favorite part about teaching?

Ms. Mason’s answer: watching students’ passion for learning

Q: What is your favorite color

Ms. Mason’s anwser: Can’t decide–too many colors

Q: Do you have any pets?


Q: What’s your favorite food\ restrant?

Ms. Mason’s answer: Cafe Zazzle, Hiros & Cucina Paradiso

Q: Do you have any hobbies?

Yes she has technology, art and gardening

Q: Do you have an imaginary friends? No:(

Petaluma Junior High Came to Grant School By Olivia & Sarah

This week the Petaluma Junoir High School came to Grant Elementary to talk to the 6th graders about sign ups, classes, and electives. Electives are where you get to choose your own individual class for the whole school year. The electives are: Spanish, French, Native Spanish, Independent living (cooking, Sewing, Home Designing, and Babysitting), Art, Chorus, and Band. We went to McNear School to listen to the PJHS band and chorus. They were magnificent! We also listened to some seventh graders and got to hear what they had to say about the PJHS. They said it was a really fun school and that they are having a good time. You even get breaks in between classes! Sarah (GLT) wants to do her elective on Art. Olivia (me, GLT) I am not going to PJHS, but if I was going to the school, I would be doing independent living. I really like the babysitting and the cooking.  All the Grant 6th grade students are all really excited to go to PJHS! Good luck on the rest of the school year!

Science Experiment by Nazmieh & Imogene

In our 6th grade science class, taught by Ms. Reynold, we are conducting an experiment. We are putting oiled canned tuna, lettuce, sand, and pond water in a big soda bottle, then we attached a deflated balloon to see if the balloon will inflate. We think that the bottle will produce highly flammable gas, thus inflating the balloon.  Ms. Reynolds assures us it will not be flammable but very, very smelly.

State Reports by Maya & Sam

5th graders are working on state reports from Jan.1-Feb.22. The rough draft is due February 14. If a 5th  grader has a state that is a colony then there are two 5th  graders working on that same state. When you get a state you are allowed to trade it with someone who has a state that you want. They have just finished their population graph and are working on their climate and Government branch.

GATE Identifcation Information By Jane Escobedo , Assistant Superintendent, Petaluma City Schools

Dear Parents of Third Grade Students,

The month of January begins the Petaluma City Schools’ Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) identification cycle. The cycle for GATE identification includes information gathering from multiple sources. Students are qualified through a committee process that analyzes multiple criteria, including standardized test scores (the 2010 and 2011 California Standards Tests), teacher and parent observations and anecdotes, the student profile, and the CoGAT (Cognitive Abilities Test).

The CoGAT assessment is a learned reasoning abilities that are developed through in school and out of school learning experiences. Students are required to demonstrate their reasoning abilities in three symbol systems most closely associated with success in school; verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and nonverbal reasoning. In order to be successful in this test, students rely on a wide range of reasoning and problem solving skills. Accommodations are made for students who are learning to speak English and for students with disabilities.

As outlined in our district’s GATE plan, all third grade students are administered the CoGAT assessment in January and February. Your school’s GATE liaison will administer the assessment during the school day within the next four weeks.

An important part of the identification process is the Parent/Guardian Packet. Parents interested in proceeding with the GATE identification process for their student are encouraged to pick up the Parent/Guardian packet, available in your school office beginning Monday, January 28, 2013. All completed packets are to be received in your school office no later than March 1, 2013.

Scoring of the CoGAT and review of the parent/guardian and teacher narrative information will take place in March. The 2012 California State Tests (CSTs) results are factored into the committee’s recommendation for GATE identification. Parents will be notified by mail. We anticipate final notification will be made by March 15, 2013.

If you have any questions about the GATE identification process or want to request a parent/guardian packet, please contact your school principal (Catina Haugen) or GATE liaison (Leslie Ihrig).

Upcoming Dates:

  • Kindergarten Registration: Happening NOW
  • Movie Night: Friday, February 1st
  • Problem of the Month Gallery Walk: February 1st (8:30-11:30am)
  • No School: Friday, Febuary 15 & Monday, February 18th
  • Coffee & Conversation with the Principal: Friday, February 22nd from 8-9am in the library

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