Spring is in the Air!

No Dogs on Campus –a message from Mrs. Haugen

A dog bit and injured an adult on campus at dismissal this week.  Please leave your dogs at home.  Below is the pertinent Petaluma Municipal Code, PCS Administrative Regulation and PCS Board Policy associated with dogs on campus.  No dogs are allowed on Petaluma City School campuses.  If you have questions, please contact Catina Haugen 778-4742 or chaugen@petk12.org

Petaluma Municipal Code 9.08.130 Animals at large.
A) It is unlawful for any owner and/or possessor of any animal to suffer or permit such animal to be at large as defined in this section.  Violations of this section are subject to citation and the animal at large is subject to impoundment as authorized by Chapter 9.28.
B) In the case of dogs, “at large” means a dog that is not on the premises of its owner and/or possessor or the premises of another without permission of the owner or occupant thereof…
D) In the case of any animal, “at large” also means an animal which is tethered, leashed or otherwise present on property which is not owned or controlled by the owner and/or possessor of the animal without the permission of the owner or occupant thereof.
E) In the case of any animal, “at large” also means an animal which is tethered or leased on any city street, or other city property not set aside for such tethering or leashing in such a way as to block a public walkway or thoroughfare.

Administrative Regulation 6163.2
All animals brought to school must be:
1. In good physical condition
2. Vaccinated against transmittable diseases
3. In clean, safe and suitable cages or containers or otherwise appropriately controlled
Students bringing animals to school must first obtain the consent of the teacher and the parent/guardian.

Board Policy 6163.1
The Board of Education recognizes that animals can be an effective teaching aid. In addition, instruction related to the care and treatment of animals teaches students a sense of responsibility and promotes the humane treatment of living creatures.
Animals may be brought to school for educational purposes, subject to rules and precautions specified in administrative regulations related to health, safety and sanitation. Teachers shall ensure that these rules and precautions are observed so as to protect both the students and animals.
Seeing-eye dogs and service dogs may accompany students and staff at school as needed.

The Auction is HERE!

Thank you to our tireless committee of parents who have worked so hard to make tomorrow’s auction a success!  From food and decorations, to donations and music… it’s a huge effort for a BIG benefit–our students!  I hope to see many of you there and for those who can’t make it, I wish you luck in the raffle.  The prizes are great and the raffle (for the first time ever) was open to anyone, not just those attending the auction.  Shamrock ‘n Roll… for the benefit of our students.   One of the many things that makes Grant School a great place to learn, teach, work and play.

Dr. Seuss’s BirthdayPhoto Mar 01, 10 30 27 AM

We celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday on Friday, March 1st with door decorations, paper chains of reading and crazy hats.  Mrs. Crysdale came as the Cat in the Hat, always a hit!  A kindergarten class made Truffula Trees for snack.  Buddies read together and some classes even wore pajamas all day.  It was a great day to celebrate reading and maybe even try some green eggs and ham!

5th/6th Grade Science Fair by Tessa

All 5th and 6th graders are participating in the Grant School Science Fair and you can too!! Think of a fun science topic to learn about and share it with the school. You get to create an experiment and decorate a board with all the interesting information you learned. Join the science fair!!  The dates of the Science Fair are April 9th & 10th.  See Mrs. Groh for more information.

5th Grade Fitness Testing By Natalie and Lucas

5th grade fitness testing is coming up on March 6th. 5th graders will be tested on push ups, curl ups, and we will be running a mile. You will also be tested on trunk lifts and the shoulder stretch. You’ll also need able to touch your toes. The fitness testing is so the Petaluma School District knows if kids are getting enough exercise. So practice!

The Garden is Growing!

Congratulations to Ms. Megna and Aimee Vorhaus on being awarded three garden grants in the past month!  Their hardwork has paid off!  PEF awarded an enrichment grant to our site for gardening, and a local garden group, Petaluma Garden Club, awarded us a grant for our gardening efforts.  Most recently, we were just awarded with a $5,000 PG&E Bright Ideas Grant.  Now the hard work begins!  Join us and get your hands dirty with gardening at Grant School.

Grant Garden Supporters by Julia Megna

Tuesday we had a big group of 4th grade girls join us for lunchtime garden club. I am hoping they will become regulars! Largely, for the past many weeks, Setsuko has been our only volunteer coming. (Thanks to Alan also for helping with the salad bar!) We need to build support before spring comes, as there will be many tasks to facilitate student involvement. It is as simple as overseeing children planting seeds in pots and cleaning up, or as deep as having a conversation about insects’ affect on a kale plant.  Please refer any friends, community helpers or grandparents to me.

5th Grade State Reports By Lucie

In 5th grade we have finished state reports. First Mrs. Groh and Mrs. Ihrig passed out random states to everyone, then if we wanted, we could trade with someone for a different state. Once we got our state confirmed we started taking notes for the history section of our report. We even took a field trip to the Sonoma State library for more information. Something that was very helpful was that our teachers made a specific chart for when everything should be done so that we wouldn’t get behind. The fun part of the writing was the special interest. In the special interest we got to pick and write about something from our state that interested us. We also wrote an intro and conclusion. My favorite part of the whole entire report was the drawings of the state symbols. The maps were fun too. All of the hard work ended up paying off. Everybody’s reports were great!

New Common Core Standards and Smarterbalanced Testing

Petaluma City School’s Assistant Superintendent, Jane Escobedo, came to our latest PTA Association Meeting to share upcoming changes to state standards and testing.  Below are links to the PTA information page and a site where you can try out the new testing format for yourself.  It’s an exciting change for teachers and students.

The new Common Core standards: http://www.corestandards.org/

Sample mathematics questions: http://sampleitems.smarterbalanced.org/itempreview/sbac/index.htm

Sample English/Language Arts questions: http://sampleitems.smarterbalanced.org/itempreview/sbac/ELA.htm

Class Auction Art! By Olivia and CJPhoto Feb 14, 12 52 58 PM

Have you heard about the Grant Elementary School auction? If you haven’t the date is Saturday, March 2nd. In Grant School classes we are making class paintings that will be on sale at the auction. Every class will make one, so if you are interested in buying a piece of art then they will be on sale at the auction!

Petaluma Multi Heritage in the Butter and Eggs Children’s Parade

What is your ancestry?  A committee of local citizens are organizaing an entry for the “Clover Kids’ Parade” that occurs at 11:30am before the Butter & Eggs Day Parade on Saturday, April 27, 2013.  The title of our entry is Petaluma Multi-Heritage.  It is a celebration of the many cultures here in Petaluma.  Children ages 4 to 8 will walk in a group dressed in their traditional clothing, carrying banners that represent their country.  Adults will accompany them.  For details, contact Vasi at (707) 778-6075 or email petalumamultiheritage@gmail.com.  Please respond by March 15th.  Vasi presented to our PTA Association on Thursday, February 28th.  The PTA was happy to give her time and space to share this unique idea.

Food Barrel By Alex and Billy

Grant Elementary is doing a food drive. Please donate to the barrel. Donate with canned food, please give just canned foods, box foods, and jar foods. We giving to hungry families around the area through the Petaluma Kitchen. Please turn in before March 8th Thank you!


Thursday, April 18, 2013 – PHS Gym 7:00 PM

The music teachers have been busily planning this year’s Band Festival with the Petaluma High School and Junior High School music teachers. Information letters have been sent home already inviting all band students to attend this exciting musical event. It will be a fun evening of band music, with all grade levels (4th-12th) participating in the Grande Finale. If you haven’t already done so, please return the bottom portion of the
letter sent home with students indicating that you and your child will be able to attend. We look forward to seeing you there!

Diane Baines and Sandra Kruse
Music Specialists

Upcoming Dates:

  • Conference Week: March 4th to 8th
  • Report Card Day: Friday, March 8th
  • 6th Grade to Walker Creek Outdoor Science Camp: March 11th to 15th
  • Spring Break: March 18th to 22nd
  • Problem of the Month Gallery Walk & Math Morning: Wednesday, March 27th
  • No School: Friday, March 29th and Monday, April 1st
  • Children’s Museum of Sonoma County at Grant School: April 3rd, 4th & 5th–Thank you PTA!

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