April is Upon Us!

Girls on the Run at Grant School

Would you like to make a BIG difference and lead girls in a fun, empowering program? If you would like to mentor a small team of girls, we’d love to hear from you!

girls on the runOur Girls on the Run coaches are a dynamic group of enthusiastic, passionate women, including: mothers (or girls and boys), non-mothers, athletes, runners and non-runners, teachers, administrators, community members, and any kind-hearted, positive and encouraging woman who is willing to share three hours of her week with a small team of girls. You don’t have to be a “runner” to be a coach!

We are looking for a HEAD COACH for one of the teams for the FALL season. If you are interested, or if you have any questions, please contact Stacie Sather at sonomasather@gmail.com.

Spring Music Concert by Mrs. Rice

Tuesday, May 7th is our Spring Concert for 5th & 6th grade music.  Our Chorus performs at 6:30pm and our Band at 7:30pm.  Chorus students arrive at 6:10 and Band students at 7:15.  It is so exciting to wrap up the year with a concert to show off all we’ve learned and practice.  For students using loaned musical instruments, they will be returned to the music teachers at the end of the show.  See you there!

Safety First from Mrs. Haugen

First, thank you all for following our No Dogs on Campus guidelines.

Second, we have been advised to close the back gate at the parking lot to deter folks using it as a through street.  The parking lot is not for drop off or pick up, unless you have a handicapped placard in use.  Thank you for keeping drop off and pick up on the street where the zone is indicated and a cross walk is located.

Are you returning to Grant next year?

Forms went home last week asking about your intent to return to Grant School next year.  This helps us sort out staffing, class size and transfer requests.  Please return this form as soon as possible.  In addition to administrative adjustments, the form allows your voice to be heard in the placement of your student for next year–study habits, classroom environment needs, etc.  Your candid feedback about your child is appreciated.

Girl Drama and Some Advice by Nicoletta , Izzy & Amanda

We are talking about how girl drama keeps going on in our class and at recess.  It’s horrible.  It happens when someone gets upset at someone else and then they just walk away in a big fit.  When a girl cries, everyone gives her attention.  This is creating a big mess and problem.  We suggest that girls try not to get other girls upset and be nice to each other.  If you get upset, forgive the other person and tell them how you feel.  Don’t just walk away.

Safe Routes to School Update & Survey by Mrs. Haugen

Two weeks ago, a team from Grant School conducted a walking audit of Grant School as part of the City of Petaluma Safe Routes to School Project.  It was interesting and eye-opening to walk the neighborhood with Allan Tilton, a transportation & safety consultant, and identify problem areas, simple solutions, and long-term projects. The next step is to obtain feedback from the students via tally sheets and from the parents via a survey.  The parent surveys are to be completed online and the student tallies are to be completed by teachers in their respective classrooms. The link to the survey is here: https://www.research.net/s/R7B9877.  It will close on Friday, May 3rd.  Thank you for participating.

National Poetry Month by Max, Ryan & Cole

Photo Apr 19, 11 29 26 AMApril is National Poetry Month.  In Ms. Baumann’s class we are writing a poem called Paint Me Who I Am.  Mrs. Reed’s class wrote some color poems.  Ms. Reynolds’ class had some poetry published in an anthology.  We got to hear it at the last BEST Assembly.  In Mrs. Elias’ class, we wrote Haiku and we do Poem of the Week all year long.  Some students (like me, Max) read a poem and Mrs. Haugen recorded it and put it on our National Poetry Month Website: https://sites.google.com/a/petk12.org/april-is-national-poetry-month/.  Check it out.


Smarterbalanced Assessment Pilot by Flynn & Ian

The fifth and sixth graders were selected to try out a new testing system instead of STAR testing but on the computer.  Instead of fill in the bubbles, you would fill in the blanks, write short answers and paragraphs.  Mostly everybody thought it was really good.  Mrs. Haugen had us take a short survey on two of the days.  Most students thought reading everything twice helped.  And one of the questions was about advice to other kids taking this test.  You need to be good at reading comprehension.  This test will be our official test in 2014-2015.

Westside Relays by Jake

Westside Relays is a fun sport event for everybody.  It has events like shot put, and discus and it’s really fun for the 5th & 6th grade.  We will compete against other schools in Petaluma.  There is lot of running–70m or the 400m run and there are relays.  Westside Relays happens on May 13 at the Petaluma High School Field.  I think Grant’s going to do really well.

Fitness Testing by Joelle

This week the 5th graders did their fitness testing.  We had to do push ups, curl ups, the 1 mile run, the sit & reach and the shoulder stretch.  Fitness testing is to see the average healthy and fitness of fifth graders.  Our data goes tothe state where they analyze it and talk about it.  I thought fitness testing was pretty easy.  Coach helped us with some parts during PE.

Composting at Lunchtime by Idan, guest newsletter writer

Photo Apr 25, 12 22 41 PMComposting is now here.  At lunchtime, kids can put their food waste into the green bin (or for now, the brown paper bag we have out).  We do not want plastics in the bin.  Food like vegetables, fruit and fruit fragments (citrus peels, apple cores, etc.), bread, and paper are acceptable.  We also are accepting empty milk boxes from hot lunch (no straws please).  We dont’ want any dairy or meat in the compost bin.  We are trying to reduce waste generated at lunchtime.  Thanks for helping.  I will be at the compost at lunch to help kids know what to do.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Grant Volunteer Breakfast: Friday, May 10 7:55-8:30am in the multi
  • Spring Concert: Tuesday, May 7th 6:30pm Chorus/ 7:30pm Band (multi use room)
  • Hot Dog Lunch for students: Wednesday, May 8th (turn in your half sheet so we order enough, pay on the day)
  • Grant Family BBQ: Friday, May 10th (rsvp: grantptanetwork@gmail.com)
  • Westside Relays: Monday, May 13th
  • Art Show/Open House: Wednesday, May 15th (times TBD–check website)
  • Problem of the Month Gallery Walk & Math Morning: Wednesday, May 22nd (all morning in multi)
  • PTA Association Meeting: Thursday, May 23rd at 6:30pm in the multi
  • 6th Grade Celebration: Friday, May 24th 1pm
  • No School: Monday, May 27th
  • Last Day of School: Friday, May 31st noon release

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