Have a great summer break!

Another Great Year by Mrs. Haugen

As we close this school year, I am constantly looking around and feeling so proud of our students, teachers, staff and community.  Visiting 1st grade and watching them read, seeing a 1st grade Schoolyard Habitat project come to closure, admiring 4th grade writing samples that show tremendous growth, seeing our 6th graders host the Celebration in such a mature, poised manner.  We are so fortunate to have a school full of caring educators and support staff.  Their investment in all our students is obvious.  Our beautiful grounds are well cared for and are constantly commented upon.  Our community jumps in at any need–large or small.  I feel so lucky to be the principal here, and it enriches my life everyday.  Have a wonderful summer break.

Open House by Allie & Jake

Open house was last week and it went very well everybody enjoyed students artwork math and science. It was a huge success. Thank you everybody that came we hope you enjoyed Open House and hope to see you next year!

6th Grade Celebration by Hailey & Siennah

Friday was an exciting day for sixth graders.  It was our Sixth Grade Celebration.  It’s about 6th grade having a chance to share their memories since kindergarten, appreciate teachers, volunteers and parents and say Good-bye to Grant School in a happy way.  Some of the school band played and some kids volunteered to sing songs about their memories.  And poems were read as well.  Afterward there was cake in the multi for sixth graders and their parents.

Building the Kindergarten Playground by Mrs. Haugen

Build Day is coming!  July 20th is set.  Join us to build the new playstructure!  Ross Recreation is assisting with our Community Build Day and all hands are welcome to participate–all day or a few hours.  Community-built playgrounds bring out the best in people  They build community, they build pride, and they build a lasting sense of ownership.  We are excited to partner with Ross Rec to finish this project.  Our factory certified installer will be with us on Build Day and is already consulting as we ready the grounds.  Please email Mrs. Haugen (chaugen@petk12.org) if you are able to help with part or all of the day.  Lunch and snacks will be provided.

8am to noon: morning shift

12:30 to 4pm: afternoon shift

4pm to 7pm: evening shift

A Good Book Series is Harry Potter by Cole & Ryan

Ryan and I are both reading Harry Potter.  We recommend this series because it has action and adventure. We think this series is for 8 and up. Harry Potter is a great book for the summer, because it is long and there are 7 books. Happy reading during summer!

The Learning Continues Over the Summer

Be on the look out for information in students’ report card envelopes regarding summer learning opportunities.  Students involved in Dreambox math intervention will have the opportunity to continue with this work.  All students will have the chance to count summer reading via AR quizzes.  The learning never stops! If your student has used Sumdog here at school this year, they can log on and participate in Summer Challenge.  And finally, we offer the Scholastic Reading Challenge.  Head to the school website and click on the Scholastic button to log your reading.  Thank you Mrs. Crysdale for setting it up!

Art Show

Last week we had the art show. Kids from all grades made artwork throughout the year and they presented it during the art show. There were many different types of artwork, for example there were vases of flowers, owls, snowmen, blue dogs, and much more. The art show was a big success. Parents, teachers, and kids were very interested in the wonderful artwork.

Book Recommendation by Max

I have a good book you should read over summer break.  The book I recommend to read is Captain Underpants the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth  It’s funny, weird and enjoyable.  It’s a good series!

Fond Farewells (and other changes)

It is at this time of year that we say good-bye to familiar faces at Grant.  First, our Instructional Assistant, Mary Noel, will be leaving us to fill a computer lab position at Valley Vista.  We are so excited for her new adventure at a new school.  Join me in welcoming Shantina Willits (our clerk) back to the position of Instructional Assistant.  We are thrilled to have her back in this vital role.

Eileen Marshall, an inclusion aide, is leaving us for the junior high.  Her student is moving on, and so she follows.  We will miss her smile and sense of humor.

We also say good-bye to Lori Deen, one of our kindergarten teachers.  She will be our new Program Manager of Instructional Technology at the District Office.  I know first hand how difficult it is to leave the classroom.  Inasmuch as Lori is excited for her new role in PCS, it is bittersweet to say good-bye to students and families, teaching and learning.  We will miss her.

And finally, we bid farewell to one of our sixth grade teachers, Mary Reynolds.  She will be joining Danna Rocca at the 6th Grade Academy at PJHS.  Mary is very excited for this new adventure and we are excited for her.  Her enthusiasm and joy will be missed.

The Sacramento Field Trip by Logan & Hailey

The Sacramento field trip was a long bus ride.  At the start of the field trip we had snack on the grass while you could do your work packet.  After that we went to John Sutter’s fort. Where you learned all about the fur trappers and other stuff. For the fur trappers if they didn’t find 6 to 12 sea otters a day they would go to a different spot.  Then we went the Indian museum.  In that there was a person who made a super small basket, it was the smallest basket in the whole world.  We learned a bit about Ishi he was the last of his tribe living in the wild.  People found him and brought him to San Francisco. He lived there for two years then he died of a disease.  Then we went to old town where we had lunch on the grass. In old town we went to the train museum. You could go through trains. They taught a bit about the golden spike.  After the train museum we did a scavenger hunt in old town.  Then we got on the bus and went back to school.

Moving to a New Grade by Nicolette & Amanda

So every kid is going to a new grade. Some kids are scared and some aren’t. We don’t think you should be scared because the teachers at Grant are really nice. Good luck next year!

Summer Learning Opportunities

Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge: Go to the school website and click on the button.  You can log in your reading time.

AR Quizzes and Summer Reading:

Sumdog: If your student has used Sumdog here at school this year, they can log on and participate in Summer Challenge.


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