Spring has arrived and everything is blooming!

The Auction was tremendous and Fund-a-Need hit the mark!

Thank you to all hands that went into our Annual Grant School Aunction, Giddy Up Grant.  It was well-attended by a diverse swath of our community, raised a substantial sum for our students and was an all-around great time!  Fund-a-Need this year was about teacher computers.  At Grant School, we started, when moving into classroom tech, with the teachers.  We decided the instructional role of technology would be our starting place for classrooms.  Our lab had existed for many years and it was time (11 years ago) to put a device in the room for the teacher to use and deliver lessons and instruction.  Over time, their machines were replaced by refurbished PC we acquired from SCOE–this system worked well.  Now, we the help of Fund-a-Need, we are moving into a new phase of teacher computer device–a laptop.  Teachers serve on district committee, attend off-campus trainings and (surprise, surprise) even work from home sometimes.  Fund-a-Need (a part of the Annual Auction’s live auction) raised the funds to purchase a Macbook for each of our teachers!  It’s going to be Christmas in April!  This will complement November’s partnership grant between PEF and our PTA Savings (purposefully set aside for technology purchases) through which we updated our K-3rd grade student machines–Chromebooks and iPads.  Everything should arrive next month.  Thank you again, one and all, we are an amazing, generous, hands-on community supporting our students in a myriad of ways!

Smarterbalanced (new state testing) Update

SBAC is the new term.  It stands for Smarterbalanced Assessment Consortium.  That’s the new state testing that replaces STAR or CST as the other was known.  There are Practice Tests available for our students to practice with and for  you to take a look at as well.  Smarterbalanced Practice Tests can be found at http://sbac.portal.airast.org/ca/practice-test-ca/ Click the green Student Interface button.  The next screen is filled in for you, just click sign in. Choose your grade level, then choose the test.  You’ll see screens confirming settings then a Begin Test Now button.  All 3rd through 6th grade classes will be visiting this site as we move closer to testing.  This year is a test-of-the-test and no results will be shared.  It’s a great opportunity for a sneak preview to validate our instructional practices against the testing, check that our tech skills are in line with what’s expected on this computer-based testing system and generally get acquainted with a mechanism of testing that very different from what we’ve been used to.  Catherine Hurd and Catina Haugen are our site’s Test Coordinators.  We’ll be training the staff, monitoring our testings and helping with scheduling.    If you have questions, you can direct them to Mrs. Haugen or your classroom teacher.

From the Superintendent, Steve Bolman and Sonoma County Office of Education

Attached please find a letter and survey from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) regarding validation of broadband activity. The CPUC is increasing outreach to the public throughout the state to help populate, or correct, current broadband availability information. An explanatory letter with links is here: PUC Survey Letter

School Site Council Survey

Thanks to families who participated in this year’s survey.  SSC is planning to move our annual survey to November during parent/teacher conferences.  We are also looking to narrow our focus from year to year.  Feedback from this year’s survey are being discussed at SSC and among staff.  We are in conversation currently about purchasing a Portable AED Defibrillator for our campus.  And for next school year, PTA is discussing possible guest speakers and topics for our quarterly PTA Association meeting to meet the expressed interests in the survey.  Thanks again and be on the lookout in November for another opportunity to give us feedback.  If you ever want to connect with a member of SSC, our current members are Linda Judah, Hilary Thomas, Nicole Earnest-Payte, Jeanette RC,  Julie Elias, Alice Crysdale and Catina Haugen.  

Common Core Math Slideshow: Check out what students are doing and why it’s such a critical shift toward greater success in mathematical understanding; now and into their futures: www.grantelementary.org  The slideshow can be enlarged and paused.  We’ll be adding to it regularly.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Spring Break: March 17-21
  • Spring Photos & Fall make-ups for absent students: Monday, March 24th (Spring Pics for 3rd grade & fall make-ups), Tuesday, March 25th (Spring Pics for K, 1, 2 & 4-6th)
  • Science Fair: Tuesday, April 1st in the evening & April 2nd in the morning
  • Lagunitas Track Fundraiser: Tuesday, April 8th.  Families are welcome!
  • Date Change: Westside Relays : Tuesday, May 20th Go Grant!
  • Future Planning: Spring Music Concerts Monday, May 12th: 6:30 Chorus, 7:30 Band in the Multi

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