Rainy Days and Spring Fever…. everyday is a day of learning!

From Mrs. Haugen

It’s official!  Spring is here and some welcome showers have arrived.  It’s our last trimester and this is a time of mastery and being the best fill-in-the-blank graders you can be!  Students are showing their best study skills, work habits, collaboration skills and communication strategies.  All the pieces can begin to come together in new and unique ways.  I love the spring!  This is a time when teachers are celebrating student success as the fruition of this year’s work comes to light.  Encourage these conversations at home, celebrate this time of mastery and try not to look to next year but live in this moment, enjoy this fill-in-the-blank grade, savor it with your student.

Social Media and Digital Citizenship–a home/school partnership

Connie Williams, our district Librarian of Record, was our latest PTA Association Meeting Guest Speaker on Thursday, March 27, 2014.  Connie shared resources, talking points and strategies for coaching our kids into successful online interactions and productivity.  The key piece is to think about online activity as any other.  We monitored, supervised and taught our kid show to cross the street, the same is necessary for online work.  We discuss it, learn with our kids, monitor and redirect when a misstep occurs.  We, as parents, don’t need to know everything, but we can come along side our kids and talk, coach and be available.  Connie shared, “Most kids are behaving appropriately online and kids don’t like to see mean words or inappropriate activity online, just as most kids don’t like it in real life.”  Perspective is important.  And now is the time, when they’re young to practice before the stakes get too high.  Connie is speaking at McNear School on April 15th and you’re welcome to attend.  Her resources are here on our Petaluma City Schools library website: http://www.mypcslibrary.org/digital-citizenship–cybersafety.html  Thank you Connie for sharing your this valuable information!

SBAC is coming up!

I know, What’s SBAC? Another education acronym… Smarterbalanced Assessment Consortium.  It’s our new state testing, taking the place of STAR or sometimes called CST.  SBAC is being tested by the entire state in 3rd through 6th grade and a few grades in secondary.  Catherine Hurd and Catina Haugen are Grant’s test coordinators.  We held our first teacher training on Wednesday, March 26, 2014.  Our teachers are amazing!  While students are always flexible, it’s sometimes teachers who face a greater challenge with shifts like this one.  But not here.  We reviewed each grades tests, watched a video on the teacher proctoring platform, how to start and stop test sessions with students, where the practice tests are located and began work on our schedule of testing.  Catherine and I were so proud of their flexibility and professionalism.  We are ready!  Catherine and I will meet with teachers once more as the dates approach to provide more support and details.  For you, parents, you’ll soon hear about your classroom’s testing schedule.  As with everyday of school, students need a good breakfast, healthy rest and on time arrival to start the day.  We are excited to see the new testing in action with students and help inform the consortium in preparation for ‘going live’ next year.  We anticipate some network issues, and that too is information for imminent infrastructure updates to our wireless systems on campus.  All good information in the long run, resulting in a more appropriate measure of student achievement and robust wifi systems at Grant School.  All involved students’ families received an information letter this week from our assistant superintendent, Jane Escobedo.  If you have questions, contact your student’s teacher, Catherine Hurd or Catina Haugen.

Alice in Wonderland… it’s almost here!

Kudos to our amazing parent volunteer crew assisting almost 200 children in the production of Alice in Wonderland!  You can just imagine: dancing, singing, volume, scenery, music, sound equipment, costumes, programs, and on and on.  It’s an awesome feat of organization, collaboration and fun.  Grant School will be the audience on Friday, April 4th and our community is invited to the Friday evening performance at 6pm or Saturday afternoon performance at 4pm.  And who could resist a few famous Lewis Carroll quotes to celebrate!?!  “Off with their heads!” or “Curiouser and curiouser!” or “’Begin at the beginning,’ the King said, very gravely, ‘and go on till you come to the end: then stop.’”

Dates to Know:

  • Science Fair: April 1 6pm in the multi
  • Lagunitas Fundraiser Event: April 8th (this event is sold out–thanks & see you there!)
  • Petaluma Kids Gran Fondo: May 3rd at Lucchesi Park



One response to “Rainy Days and Spring Fever…. everyday is a day of learning!

  1. Thanks Catina for all the “plugs” to the wonderful “happenings” for Grant School! We have such a wonderful community of support that we appreciate and always want to make feel welcome! Who doesn’t like fun, entertainment and friendships? Thanks Catina for taking the time!

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