Winding down the final third of the year….

SBAC Field Test Update by Catherine Hurd & Catina Haugen

We are so proud of our students!  They are working hard, focusing on the task and giving this field test 100% effort.  Teachers have also been extremely flexible and patient.  Our wireless system has held up well and most glitches have been on the side of the test’s secure browser.  Some students have had to re-log-in or close an open application that was interfering, but that’s about the extent of it.  We have definitely been working as a team to test all 3rd through 6th graders either in the lab or in classrooms with Chromebooks or a combination of both.  Ask your student how SBAC testing went.  We look forward to giving the Consortium our feedback.

Garden Update

A huge thank you to kindergarten parent Devin Walters for building the new compost bins for Grant School’s Learning Garden. Sixth graders will be collecting fruit and vegetable waste from lunchtime once a week.  They will combine the food scraps with donated hay in the bins. Kids in all grades will learn about the process of composting – recycling and reusing materials in an earth-friendly activity.

Garden Club recently planted strawberries, herbs, and other edibles. Water conservation expert and irrigation hero, Dave Iribarne, will be installing drip lines this month in the Learning Garden so all of the plantings survive the summer.  We will use the rainwater collected in our rain barrel to add moisture to the compost – the micro-organisms like it moist!

Another thank you to fabulous artist, Jennifer Richardson, who is painting the arbor sign at the entrance to the garden.  One side will read, Grant’s Garden Classroom and the other side, Grow to Learn ~ Learn to Grow.

There will be a family GARDEN WORKDAY next Wednesday, April 30 after school at 12:45.  Please join us!

We are in the process of putting together a large-scale art project for the wall of the Learning Garden.  It will be a recycled plastic bottle cap and lid mosaic, and we will need lots of help collecting caps – look for details soon in the weekly PTA email announcement.  Thanks to all the amazing students, teachers and parents who help with the gardening program at Grant – we couldn’t do it without you!

Find a sweatshirt and Protect Your  Lunch!

The Lost & Found will be donated to charity the first week of vacation.  Come by the multi or garden area to look for missing sweatshirts, sweaters, lunches and water bottles.  The crows at Grant School are savvy and know what an open backpack might contain with a bit of investigation.  Please remind your student to keep backpacks zipped up at all times.

PTA Reflections participants were honored on Thursday night.

PTA Reflections participants were honored on Thursday night.

Westside Relays is Gearing Up

Our 5th & 6th grade teachers team up with Coach Hilbert every year to prepare our students for a positive, fun-filled Westside Relays experience.  This team of five prioritizes students’ understanding of the events and personal records students achieve as they practice and learn new techniques.  We want our squads to have ample practice at throwing a discus and shot put, at launching into the long jump pit at the right spot, at passing the relay batons efficiently and at launching over the high jump bar with as much ease and finesse as possible.  Most of these events are novel experiences and we want our student-athletes to feel comfortable and confident.  Celebrating personal records is a huge part of this.  While at the event, we compete as squads (5th grade girls, 5th grade boys, 6th grade girls & 6th grade boys), at school, we value personal growth and personal record setting.  Ask your 5th or 6th graders about his/her recent personal records.  And if you’re a parent who’s been out helping the squads practice, THANK YOU! from our entire team.  Westside Relays is Tuesday, May 20th at Durst Field (Petaluma High) starting at 11am.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Thursday, May 1st 6-7pm: Human Interaction Materials Preview for 4th, 5th & 6th grade parents.  Room B3
  • Monday, May 12th: Spring Music Concert 6:15pm/7:15pm in the multi
  • Friday, May 16th: Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast 7:55-8:30am in the multi
  • Friday, May 16th: 4th Annual Family BBQ
  • Wednesday, May 21st: Art Show & Open House 6-7:30pm
  • Week of May 19th: Spring Book Fair in the library
  • Monday, May 26th: No School/Memorial Day
  • Thursday, May 29th: Final PTA Association Meeting 6:30-7:30 in the multi
  • Thursday, June 5th: Field Day 8:30-9:45am
  • Friday, June 6th: Last Day of School Noon Release (11:25am for Kinder)

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