Nine more days… sniff sniff

From Mrs. Haugen

We are winding down yet I remain consistently impressed with our students, their focus, hard work and behavior.  When I consider each of our students (picture me looking through my binder of class photos), I can acknowledge the ways in which each one has grown and matured, improved and stretched their wings, met a goal and made a new friend.  The beauty of each school year are these times of reflection and celebrating.  Then we take a break, rejuvenate, relax with family and friends then come back to take on new challenges and projects.  It’s an amazing cycle.

Our Beautiful Garden Classroom Signs

Thank you to Jenn Richardson for painting our beautiful new signs.  The Garden Classroom is coming together after many hands contributed to the project.  Thank you to Dave Iribarne for helping with irrigation challenges.  And our amazing compost bins were built by Devon Walters.  Many hands make light work AND a wonderful learning space for students.  Check it out!


Lunch Bills

If you received a pink slip from Mrs. Duncan regarding money due to the kitchen, please send in a check or pay online asap.  Students with outstanding bills to the cafeteria (or library) will not receive a report card until the balance is settled.  Thanks for helping us wrap up the books for the 13-14 school year!

The Art Show & Open House

What a great event!  Thank you to the many hands who helped put up the Art Show (and take it down)!  I am so proud of our school’s consistent integration of art into every single classroom.  From many art docent projects to curriculum related art to free exploration of different medium, it’s a critical part of learning and growing up to be well-rounded adults.

Open House is an opportunity to visit all our classrooms, say hello to former teachers and meet possible future teachers.  I enjoyed watching our teachers greet students, chat with families and enjoy the evening.

Mrs. Crysdale’s Spring Book Fair was a huge success!  Hopefully you stocked up on summer reading titles and a few erasers (just for fun).  It’s the perfect accompaniment to the Art Show and Open House.  Thanks Mrs. Crysdale!

Farewells for the Year

With a heavy heart we share that Ms. Cozza will not be returning to Grant School for the 14-15 school year.  We’ve had a number of families move out of the area, and so we are fifteen teachers rather than sixteen looking forward to next year.  Thank you Ms. Cozza for a wonderful year in 3rd grade.  We will miss you.

Katie Fleck was our counseling intern this year, and now she’s moving on to full time counseling work in the Petaluma area.  Congratulations Katie on acquiring all the hours required to complete your certificate.  You did a marvelous job supporting students at Grant School this year.  Thank you and good luck!

Mrs. Groh will be starting a job-share next year.  So we give her half a wave goodbye and look forward to meeting her job-share partner very soon.

Amery Day, our Occupational Therapist, is leaving public school.  Even as a once-a-week employee at Grant School, Amery managed to make valuable connections here, and we will miss her.  And Stacey Evans, our school nurse, is pursuing a new career path outside of nursing.  We wish her good luck on her new adventure!

Change in Kindergarten Schedule for 14-15

After this year’s experience with extended day kindergarten we’ve made a few changes to the daily schedule for 14-15.

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 8:05-1:40pm
  • Wednesdays & conference days: 8:05-11:35am
  • Day before Winter Break & Last Day of School: Noon release (just like the other grades)

Upcoming Dates

  • New Family Potluck: Monday, August 18th
  • First Day of School: Tuesday, August 19th
  • Kinder Back to School Night: Wednesday, August 27th
  • 1st-6th Grade Back to School Night: Thursday, September 4th

3 responses to “Nine more days… sniff sniff

  1. A HUGE SHOUT OUT to Jenn R. Our outdoor classroom is absolutely amazing! Thank you for putting the finishing touches on so artfully!

  2. karin dismuke


    May I ask you to confirm the date for the First Day of School.  Below states Tuesday, Aug. 18 which is a Monday.

    Many thanks, Karin

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