A New Approach to the Newsletter and An Update about Truancy

What’s all the fuss?

After much consideration and conversation with colleagues around northern California, I’m ready to move the newsletter into the 21st Century.  A bit late to the party but somethings die hard.

That is not to say that the newsletter is no more.  But rather than gather topics of interest or importance and publish in one fell swoop, I’ll be pushing out information as it arrives at my desk.  We are in a world of real time communication and the newsletter was just plain old news by the time I hit publish.  I’m fixing that problem.

New Truancy Guidelines

As you all know, we believe every students needs to be at school every day and on time.  We know there are legitimate challenges on some days and children do catch the occasional flu bug.  And if your child will be absent, we appreciate a call to the office.

When students are habitually missing school or late to school, we send out a letter (and sometimes a heads-up phone call) letting you know your student is truant.  As of January 7, 2015, we will also be considering students who habitually leave school early as truant.  We have your child at school for precious few hours and we squeeze in all of the learning, growth, laughter and activity we can.  When students miss school, are late or leave early, they are missing the big picture of learning, they are missing valuable peer interactions, they are missing the introduction or conclusion to a lesson or experience, and they often feel disjointed and disconnected from the learning experience.

Most of our students are here every day, on time.  We appreciate the effort it takes, especially for those traveling across town in the morning.  It makes a huge difference in the experience your student has at school.

Other Ways to Stay Connected at Grant School


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