Clarification: After School Procedures

Hello Grant School Community!

A friendly, springtime reminder about after school procedures.  If younger siblings are waiting for older siblings, they need to wait at the front of school or outside the classroom.  Students should not be given instructions to play on the play structure or field while they wait.  There is no supervision at this time.

Students who take the Boys and Girls Club vans, can wait near the play structure and play only when a Boys and Girls Club employee has arrived to supervise them.

When school is dismissed, the transfer of responsibility is important.  Students are no longer under the care of Grant School but under the care of parents, the YMCA, Boys and Girls Club or other adults.  If students walk or bike home, they should make that trip when dismissed.  A short conversation with friends is a great way to finish the day and then they need to head home.

If you are carpooling or supervising kids after school, please be near them.  When Mrs. Haugen checks on students at the end of the day, the question is: Who is supervising you?  And if that adult is not nearby, I send the student to the adult.

It’s all about safety.  And until that transfer of responsibility takes place, I want our kids safe and supervised.

Thank you!


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